Monday, 22 June 2009

'Conditioning to the End' #7 by Tolleck Winner

The idea of making these piece of art came from my Aluminum casting blocks. The title of the piece 'Conditioning to the End' came from my own personal experience, never to give up on anything you believe in. Many artist's from generation to generation, straggled in their career's as artist and in their lives of just being! Anyone can do or be what ever they want, as long as you never give up!

Thursday, 18 June 2009

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'Fountain of Life' by Tolleck Winner

I am sure most of us would want to drink from the 'Fountain of Life'

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

'Full Moon' by Tolleck Winner

Technically, the hardest piece of sculpture I had to cast. As I've used a variety of material in these piece; Aluminum cast with bronze, brass, copper and granite. I had several challenges making these piece due to the different mixer of material as the cooling process of each material is a different temperatures and the number one enemy in casting is moisture in granite. And if the moisture is not taken out; 1000C heat and moisture create a mini volcano bringing up all the heated metal up in to the air, 50 feet up dropping it onto the heads of people who poring it. So the granite had to be heated to a very hire temperature before placing onto a sand mould and also heating all other metal's before dropping them into the mould, then finally poring the Aluminum into sand mould with all the ingredients. The middle part was cut separately after the casting and finally blasted, then polished. The end results speaks for itself.

Monday, 8 June 2009

'Winter Fountain' by Tolleck Winner

This piece of sculpture is very personal to me... It takes me back to my childhood to the extremes of Russian winter. And takes me back down the memory lane, to ice skating as a child on the frozen lake. Some very fond memories and some not so fond memories.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

'Wake up Call' by Tolleck Winner

In this instance using mixed media, blown glass and pine log, made me feel at ease using the two combinations, to try to bring out our environmental issues and the distraction of the rain forest... It all makes a lot of sense if we would just have a 'Wake up Call' before it is all too late for all of us.

Friday, 5 June 2009

'Hate Help Politics' by Tolleck Winner

I have made this piece of sculpture in 2002. I knew what was coming and now what we see in today's political arena is not a pleasant scene to say the least, therefore a lot must change now in order to gain any trust at all.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

'Blood Sweat and Tears' by Tolleck Winner

The majority of the world population literary live their lives shedding 'Blood Sweat and Tears' on a daily basis. People go to jobs they hate, make small talk with people at work that they can not stand. Yet all this is done in the name of making ends meet and trying to survive. To some people is a lot worse, living like a hamster in a cage, with no way out. The lives of the majority of the population of the world is going to be this way as long as we live under dictatorship (Communism, Socialism, Capitalism or any other man made regime) by people who think they can lead us into the oblivion in the name of greed, religion or culture of indifference.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

'Conditioning' by Tolleck Winner

In piece of work, 'Conditioning' to life situations, evens of what ever else we condition our self to throughout our lives, we always seem to reflect back, as this piece does.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

'Fallen from Grace' by Tolleck Winner

At some stage in our lives, all of us without exception, experience that sense of feeling 'Fallen from Grace' whether we want it or not, this is the facts of life. This experience might happen at any stage in our life, but for most of us it happens on our death bed.

Friday, 29 May 2009

'Rebirth' by Tolleck Winner

In this instance I've used a log of Pine tree, with blown glass shoot growing out of it. Is 'Rebirth' tells you something, please make a comment bellow.

'Landfrormation' by Tolleck Winner

The thought behind this piece of art came to me as I questioned my mind about the creation of our universe.

'Forgotten Memories' by Tolleck Winner

These piece reflects up on our very existence and life. We often forget the very person is responsible for us being on this earth, our own parents. We also forget history or we just choose to ignore it as it is very convenient. We human, are very complex individuals and very self destructive. I do not think we will ever change.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

'Adam and Eve' by Tolleck Winner

'Adam and Eve' I made from 20mm Aluminum. mounted on two plates of glass.

'Forbidden Fruit' by Tolleck Winner

This is the fruit apparantly got us out of the garden of eden and gave us to see choices in our life, taking away our innocence. These exploding apple inside a block of resin, is been suspended in time. The time that we like to capture and preserve just like this apple.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

'In the Name of Humanity' By Tolleck Winner

In piece of sculpture 'In the Name of Humanity' touches the subject of human suffering and straggle. I will elaborate anymore than this as I would like you all to open up your hearts and minds to this sculpture.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

'Eternal Love' by Tolleck Winner

Developing this figures in to an embrace of 'Eternal Love' means a lot to me, first of all as a family man and secondly as an artist. Family values and family unity it is always on my mind. Peace and unity in world begins at home and then we take it out on to the streets and show that Peace, Love, Unity and Eternal Love that can bring us everything we ever wish for and desire in our lives. I hope the simplicity of this piece of work gives enough energy and makes us think of only wanting peace and eternal love in our lives.

'Eternity' by Tolleck Winner

The word 'Eternity' means to all of us something, whether it would be eternal love or from here to eternity. All of us can take something from these piece of sculpture and use it in our lives. We all have different perception to life and well being... I do hope these piece of work does something good to someone out there and I am sure it will.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

'Destiny' by Tolleck Winner

Some how, directly or indirectly our 'Destiny' is there for us to do what ever way we want to take it, with a little fine tuning.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

'Noughts and Crosses' by Tolleck Winner

Expressing the value of life in this piece of art. How do we value each others lives? Maybe 'Noughts and Crosses' says all. I hope one day we all learn a lesson from this piece of work before it is too late for all of us.

'Big Bang Separation' by Tolleck Winner

This a photograph of a very small section of one of my solid cast sculptures. Aluminium cast with solid lumps of copper, bronze, brass and granite. This was one of the most challenging piece of art I had to make. Technically I have pushed every barrier I could in this sculpture as when you cast this four different materials together at over 1000C heat the cooling process in every one this material is completely different and a slight moisture in any of this material you create a volcano. I love pushing materials to their limits. A 'Big Bang Separation' literally trying to recreate in a small way the creation of our universe on a very tiny minuscule way. We are insignificant in that entire universe, just a spec of dust and yet we have managed to do so much in the last 100 years. My question again from an artist point of view... if we have achieved so much in the last 100 years - what have really achieved in the last 1000 years? I will leave this answers and speculations all over to you!

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

'Phoenix' by Tolleck Winner

I decided to publish this new work on my blog before even showing in any gallery. Sharing 'Phoenix' means a great deal to me. All my art will always belong to the people, as I will always create it for the nations of the world to enjoy for many years to come. I will not give any meaning or explanation for this piece of art. I will let the people make there own conclusions.

'Looking Out #2' by Tolleck Winner

This piece of art puts everything into perspective! 'Looking Out' in red? Every single one of us have blood on our hands... directly or indirectly. Whether we buy goods from shops that has used slave labour, or bought food that has been grown through exploitation of others... we are all guilty of it. I feel privileged as an artist I can express what I see. Is all of humanity this bad and do not care? I don't know anymore... Surely all of us have free will... Maybe we all lost the will to fight.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

'Oracle' by Tolleck Winner

These piece of sculpture made from solid Aluminium. What I am trying hard to express in this work, just 'Oracle' of life. There is not much more I will add to this.

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Monday, 18 May 2009

'Respect' by Tolleck Winner

This piece of is work is the least enjoyable piece I have ever had to make. As an artist I felt it was my obligation to show the way people 'Respect' one another in the 21st century. I look back at my childhood and the respect I saw throughout my generation and seeing it decline in such bad way. I can only hope that in not too distant future I will see 'Respect' between people come back... In a materialistic world we live in there should not be such barbaric behaviour between people, families, loved ones. It saddens me as a human being to see this kind of behavior amongst people, it saddens me even more as an artist that I have to make such a piece of art, as a results of our own doing.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

'Parking Lot' by Tolleck Winner

'Parking Lot' does not need a lot of explaining... Environmental issues is on the minds of every single one of us. We live in the world of consumerism and yet technologically what we achieved in the last 10 years or 100 years is great, but, there is a but here... We want more! Human greed to have more and more of everything. Doesn't matter if we sacrifice our environment or kill off animals, plants trees... Are we this bad and self destructive as the only intelligent being on this planet? When will we ever wake up from this nightmare of self destructiveness? Will we ever recover? Will our beautiful planet ever recover?

'I' by Tolleck Winner

By putting an expression on a lump of metal. I feel that I have done my job as an artist. This is very autobiographical piece of sculpture. There is perforated steel on the outside and reinforced steel bars on the inside of the structure, that was built section by section. This piece of sculpture stands at 1.4 Meters high.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

'Hidden Memories' By Tolleck Winner

Just as we look at our lives through a clear glass window... there is always lay Hidden Memories behind the clear glass window. How our mind closes the doors to our memories, mostly hidden memories of pain and suffering that we seem not want to remember. It is our subconscious mind telling our conscious mind that the part of our hidden memories must be locked away in our subconscious memory. We often psycho-analyze ourselves without even knowing what we are doing to ourselves. We are very complex individuals and yet life could be so simple, without bringing pain and suffering upon ourselves. I believe that humanity will always choose a more complicated way of life as there is no excitement to life without pain.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

'Caged Marbles' by Tolleck Winner

Everything we do and all decisions we make as adults, always we refer and look back what we learned from our childhood, consciously or subconsciously. Our brain is one big library of references, we learn throughout our lives and yet we tend to make decisions in life that open up doors to what next... and next after that and so on... Deep down inside we feel trapped inside of own bodies and destinies, with no way out, just like trapped soul's in that vastness of the universe. As human being I feel our unity is our only salvation to good and prosperous life. I can not say this message enough in my work, as this means so much to me as an artist. Being physically caged is one thing, but being mentally and emotionally caged, is entirely different matter.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

'Peace to all Nations' by Tolleck Winner

In 21st century we are in more trying times than ever. But if every one of us unite and think of only peace to all nations, maybe we stand a chance to finally bring peace to the world. Tolerance and acceptance of one another's cultures and beliefs, would surly get peace started in the right direction. 'I have a Dream' Martin Luther King said and I am reaping this words maybe some how somewhere we find it in our hearts to accept one another and help one another on the right road to peace for the right reasons. My words of wisdom - See no evil, Hear no evil and Speak no evil. Thank you all for all your support where ever you all are in the world. We must all want only Peace in the world.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

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Monday, 11 May 2009

'Fountain of Wisdom' by Tolleck Winner

Wouldn't we all like to learn from the Fountain of Wisdom? Sure we would like to learn from that! For some of us it is too late to learn anything... Life go's by like a flash of lightning and before long we are too old and too grey to realise all the missed opportunities in life. This piece of sculpture says it all, the thick layers of glass and black granite, layers and layers, in an unfinished shape of a pyramid, of discovered and undiscovered ways of life. While the fountain of wisdom has meaning and a great influence and significance in our lives... and we go through life like being blind folded, blind in every sense. Though our eyes let us see, but only what we want to see. As an artist I am trying very hard not to let my own life influence this piece of work, but it is very hard not to, as I am the creator of this piece of Art.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

'Self Iflicted Pain' by Tolleck Winner

Self inflicted pain is just something some of us can not avoid. Since the beginning of times we have been inflicting pain on to one another. This piece of sculpture is been cast in acrylic with cast iron. I feel using this particular medium does justice to this piece work. Human beings will always self inflict pain up on themselves and others and nothing will ever change... it is a sad reality and as an artist is my obligation to bring this out in a piece of art. This piece of sculpture, is not something I enjoyed making, but the truce must be told and shown, as negative it might look or sound, but this is a reality of life.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

'Unity' by Tolleck Winner

Creating this sculpture gave me a great joy. My initial thought was when I made this piece, thinking of families being united, then nations being united and finally thinking of world unity. Symbol of unity must have universal understanding.

'Simplicity' by Tolleck Winner

I believe in simplicity of life. I created this peace of work for Octavia Hill Charity, for their new building in Holland Park London. The staff who work in the building called one day to thank me for the piece of sculpture that gives them energy when they arrive to work in the morning. My work as a sculptor, I thought was done in this instance. Simplicity, in everything we do, works every the time.

'The Power of Money' by Tolleck Winner

Often people who say 'money is not everything in life' - they have lots of it. Money is the only man made tool that gives everything in life except health and happiness, though even health and happiness sometimes can be rectified by money. Some people say 'money is evil' - money can only be evil, if it is the hands of evil people. Money is the only tool can buy everything and more. There has not yet been proven system that can create a comfortable life for all. Nor Capitalism, Socialism or Communism has given the population of the world a comfort zone that we do not have to kill one another for money. Is there any system has really given the majority people life without poverty or stress? I like to think that maybe one day the leaders of the world will wake up and let all the people all over the world live in peace and harmony with one another. There is enough of everything for everybody. So why kill and destroy one another in the name of money, greed and power to control.

'Healing Time' by Tolleck Winner

We go through life without realising, there is a time in our lives we must take a few steps back and think of reflection and healing time.
No matter how healthy we are on the outside, but on the inside we need constant healing , whether it would be mentally physically or emotionally. The invisible force of healing time sometimes takes over our lives without realising how far we have gone into the oblivion.

Friday, 8 May 2009

'Simplicity of Colours' by Tolleck Winner

We will always be searching... for that something! Simplicity of colours was conceived in a block of acrylic cast with pieces of coloured glass and stone. Throughout our lives we try very hard to visualise and make these colours part of our lives. Whether we ever experience and fill our lives with these colours? Only some of us ever manage to experience and fill our lives with beautiful art, music, different culture that brings out such wonderful feelings and emotions in us. We are so fortunate to be able to see and experience these wonderful colours, but some creatures in this wonderful world of ours are too blind to see and feel this colours!

'Dumbbells and Nails' By Tolleck Winner

Unveiling of this sculpture by the Mayor of Kensington in the Bupa Nursing Home garden. This piece of work is very personal to me and the way my life had evolved over the years. Almost 13 years ago I nearly got killed in a very bad road accident. Prior to accident I was a fitness fanatic and the frustration of no longer being able to use my dumbbells any longer I decided that this dumbbells will still have some use in my life, so I made it into a piece of art. I believe, everything happens to us throughout our lives - there is for a reason.

'In Conversation' By Tolleck Winner

Our past and future is all about being at the right place with the right group of people. This piece of work relates to the groups of people, from all walks of life, communicating with one another. Again our life evolves around the specifically selected group of people that we are in communication on a daily, or weekly or monthly basis. Our own lives really going back to the beginning of time - when it all started with the tribes. But that tribal way of life never left us. We are constantly communicating in the tribal way of life, some in large groups and some in small groups. Some in very high influential and some in not so influential groups. Our intellectual ability to communicate and influence others will stay with us ever.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

'Conditioning to the End' by Tolleck Winner

Abstract sculpture is not just about beauty, but about life, shapes, forms and most all the energy within the work itself. This piece of work was conceived by accident, I was cutting aluminium sculptures and the symmetrical off cuts gave me the idea and enormous amount energy to form this shapes into another medium - acrylic cast. As you walk around the piece there energy and movement in this sculpture that moves the insides of your body as you walk around it. It was a great joy to make this piece of sculpture and it gave the imagination to create other similar pieces which gave me an experience of completely different magnetite of feelings and emotions.

'Looking Out' by Tolleck Winner

'If everybody follows what the bible say and take eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth, then the whole world will be blind and toothless' Mahatma Gandhi
Do we really look close at what we do to ourselves and to others? Through generations and all the wars and genocides, we have learned very little. Taking few steps back and Looking Out at what we really doing to one another and for what? Indifference's in culture, beliefs, colour, race or just envy. Is this what we really want for us and our children? Not really... So we really need to take a few steps back and say... To live in peace and harmony with one another, this is what all of us need. Love, tolerance and compassion this is all I want for all of humanity.

'People' by Tolleck Winner

'Imagination is more important knowledge' Albert Einstein
An important message. Knowledge we can obtain from books, Internet, newspapers and even hire someone to provide us with the right knowledge. But imagination is something one can not learn from a book or the Internet... Every one of us has imagination, some more and some less. And key to unlock the doors of our imagination, is to keep on developing the creative ability that we have. Our imagination has taken us to the moon, flown us around the world, has given us homes, cars, electricity, modern technology and given us the ability to create art, sculpture and write and compose beautiful music and many other wonderful things and of course we have created some very destructive things as well. Who knows where the knowledge of today might take us in the years to come. If we all use our knowledge to create constructive things rather destructive, than our lives and our world will be more peaceful and wonderful. I would like to believe that one day People will realise there is enough of everything in this wonderful world of ours, to love and enjoy and live in harmony with one another.

What critics say

While images such as ‘Skull’ have become popular icons of fashion, repeated in such a way that they no longer maintain associations with mortality, Tolleck Winner seeks to re unite these symbols with their traditional meaning in order to remind us of the vulnerability of human existence.

'Self Portrait' by Tolleck Winner

Many of us fear death! As an artist I see death as a beginning and an end of a life cycle... Just like a flower; at the beginning you see a tiny shoots, then a bud, then a flower in full bloom, then enjoyment of that flower in full bloom, then eventual deterioration of the petals of the flower and then eventual decay of a flower. So, my conclusion life - is a beautiful flower, and we must except it, even embrace it, as there no control or a way out of avoiding death. Therefore the only questions remain is - how and when? I am not saying for one minute this thought must be on our mind all the time.