Thursday, 21 May 2009

'Big Bang Separation' by Tolleck Winner

This a photograph of a very small section of one of my solid cast sculptures. Aluminium cast with solid lumps of copper, bronze, brass and granite. This was one of the most challenging piece of art I had to make. Technically I have pushed every barrier I could in this sculpture as when you cast this four different materials together at over 1000C heat the cooling process in every one this material is completely different and a slight moisture in any of this material you create a volcano. I love pushing materials to their limits. A 'Big Bang Separation' literally trying to recreate in a small way the creation of our universe on a very tiny minuscule way. We are insignificant in that entire universe, just a spec of dust and yet we have managed to do so much in the last 100 years. My question again from an artist point of view... if we have achieved so much in the last 100 years - what have really achieved in the last 1000 years? I will leave this answers and speculations all over to you!

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