Friday, 8 May 2009

'Simplicity of Colours' by Tolleck Winner

We will always be searching... for that something! Simplicity of colours was conceived in a block of acrylic cast with pieces of coloured glass and stone. Throughout our lives we try very hard to visualise and make these colours part of our lives. Whether we ever experience and fill our lives with these colours? Only some of us ever manage to experience and fill our lives with beautiful art, music, different culture that brings out such wonderful feelings and emotions in us. We are so fortunate to be able to see and experience these wonderful colours, but some creatures in this wonderful world of ours are too blind to see and feel this colours!

'Dumbbells and Nails' By Tolleck Winner

Unveiling of this sculpture by the Mayor of Kensington in the Bupa Nursing Home garden. This piece of work is very personal to me and the way my life had evolved over the years. Almost 13 years ago I nearly got killed in a very bad road accident. Prior to accident I was a fitness fanatic and the frustration of no longer being able to use my dumbbells any longer I decided that this dumbbells will still have some use in my life, so I made it into a piece of art. I believe, everything happens to us throughout our lives - there is for a reason.

'In Conversation' By Tolleck Winner

Our past and future is all about being at the right place with the right group of people. This piece of work relates to the groups of people, from all walks of life, communicating with one another. Again our life evolves around the specifically selected group of people that we are in communication on a daily, or weekly or monthly basis. Our own lives really going back to the beginning of time - when it all started with the tribes. But that tribal way of life never left us. We are constantly communicating in the tribal way of life, some in large groups and some in small groups. Some in very high influential and some in not so influential groups. Our intellectual ability to communicate and influence others will stay with us ever.