Monday, 11 May 2009

'Fountain of Wisdom' by Tolleck Winner

Wouldn't we all like to learn from the Fountain of Wisdom? Sure we would like to learn from that! For some of us it is too late to learn anything... Life go's by like a flash of lightning and before long we are too old and too grey to realise all the missed opportunities in life. This piece of sculpture says it all, the thick layers of glass and black granite, layers and layers, in an unfinished shape of a pyramid, of discovered and undiscovered ways of life. While the fountain of wisdom has meaning and a great influence and significance in our lives... and we go through life like being blind folded, blind in every sense. Though our eyes let us see, but only what we want to see. As an artist I am trying very hard not to let my own life influence this piece of work, but it is very hard not to, as I am the creator of this piece of Art.