Wednesday, 6 May 2009

'Conditioning to the End' by Tolleck Winner

Abstract sculpture is not just about beauty, but about life, shapes, forms and most all the energy within the work itself. This piece of work was conceived by accident, I was cutting aluminium sculptures and the symmetrical off cuts gave me the idea and enormous amount energy to form this shapes into another medium - acrylic cast. As you walk around the piece there energy and movement in this sculpture that moves the insides of your body as you walk around it. It was a great joy to make this piece of sculpture and it gave the imagination to create other similar pieces which gave me an experience of completely different magnetite of feelings and emotions.

'Looking Out' by Tolleck Winner

'If everybody follows what the bible say and take eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth, then the whole world will be blind and toothless' Mahatma Gandhi
Do we really look close at what we do to ourselves and to others? Through generations and all the wars and genocides, we have learned very little. Taking few steps back and Looking Out at what we really doing to one another and for what? Indifference's in culture, beliefs, colour, race or just envy. Is this what we really want for us and our children? Not really... So we really need to take a few steps back and say... To live in peace and harmony with one another, this is what all of us need. Love, tolerance and compassion this is all I want for all of humanity.

'People' by Tolleck Winner

'Imagination is more important knowledge' Albert Einstein
An important message. Knowledge we can obtain from books, Internet, newspapers and even hire someone to provide us with the right knowledge. But imagination is something one can not learn from a book or the Internet... Every one of us has imagination, some more and some less. And key to unlock the doors of our imagination, is to keep on developing the creative ability that we have. Our imagination has taken us to the moon, flown us around the world, has given us homes, cars, electricity, modern technology and given us the ability to create art, sculpture and write and compose beautiful music and many other wonderful things and of course we have created some very destructive things as well. Who knows where the knowledge of today might take us in the years to come. If we all use our knowledge to create constructive things rather destructive, than our lives and our world will be more peaceful and wonderful. I would like to believe that one day People will realise there is enough of everything in this wonderful world of ours, to love and enjoy and live in harmony with one another.

What critics say

While images such as ‘Skull’ have become popular icons of fashion, repeated in such a way that they no longer maintain associations with mortality, Tolleck Winner seeks to re unite these symbols with their traditional meaning in order to remind us of the vulnerability of human existence.

'Self Portrait' by Tolleck Winner

Many of us fear death! As an artist I see death as a beginning and an end of a life cycle... Just like a flower; at the beginning you see a tiny shoots, then a bud, then a flower in full bloom, then enjoyment of that flower in full bloom, then eventual deterioration of the petals of the flower and then eventual decay of a flower. So, my conclusion life - is a beautiful flower, and we must except it, even embrace it, as there no control or a way out of avoiding death. Therefore the only questions remain is - how and when? I am not saying for one minute this thought must be on our mind all the time.