Wednesday, 20 May 2009

'Phoenix' by Tolleck Winner

I decided to publish this new work on my blog before even showing in any gallery. Sharing 'Phoenix' means a great deal to me. All my art will always belong to the people, as I will always create it for the nations of the world to enjoy for many years to come. I will not give any meaning or explanation for this piece of art. I will let the people make there own conclusions.

'Looking Out #2' by Tolleck Winner

This piece of art puts everything into perspective! 'Looking Out' in red? Every single one of us have blood on our hands... directly or indirectly. Whether we buy goods from shops that has used slave labour, or bought food that has been grown through exploitation of others... we are all guilty of it. I feel privileged as an artist I can express what I see. Is all of humanity this bad and do not care? I don't know anymore... Surely all of us have free will... Maybe we all lost the will to fight.