Sunday, 17 May 2009

'Parking Lot' by Tolleck Winner

'Parking Lot' does not need a lot of explaining... Environmental issues is on the minds of every single one of us. We live in the world of consumerism and yet technologically what we achieved in the last 10 years or 100 years is great, but, there is a but here... We want more! Human greed to have more and more of everything. Doesn't matter if we sacrifice our environment or kill off animals, plants trees... Are we this bad and self destructive as the only intelligent being on this planet? When will we ever wake up from this nightmare of self destructiveness? Will we ever recover? Will our beautiful planet ever recover?

'I' by Tolleck Winner

By putting an expression on a lump of metal. I feel that I have done my job as an artist. This is very autobiographical piece of sculpture. There is perforated steel on the outside and reinforced steel bars on the inside of the structure, that was built section by section. This piece of sculpture stands at 1.4 Meters high.