Saturday, 9 May 2009

'The Power of Money' by Tolleck Winner

Often people who say 'money is not everything in life' - they have lots of it. Money is the only man made tool that gives everything in life except health and happiness, though even health and happiness sometimes can be rectified by money. Some people say 'money is evil' - money can only be evil, if it is the hands of evil people. Money is the only tool can buy everything and more. There has not yet been proven system that can create a comfortable life for all. Nor Capitalism, Socialism or Communism has given the population of the world a comfort zone that we do not have to kill one another for money. Is there any system has really given the majority people life without poverty or stress? I like to think that maybe one day the leaders of the world will wake up and let all the people all over the world live in peace and harmony with one another. There is enough of everything for everybody. So why kill and destroy one another in the name of money, greed and power to control.

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