Saturday, 9 May 2009

'Simplicity' by Tolleck Winner

I believe in simplicity of life. I created this peace of work for Octavia Hill Charity, for their new building in Holland Park London. The staff who work in the building called one day to thank me for the piece of sculpture that gives them energy when they arrive to work in the morning. My work as a sculptor, I thought was done in this instance. Simplicity, in everything we do, works every the time.


  1. I adore this sculpture as for me it reminds me of perfume. i can smell it. it has the freshness of spring, the lightness of a fragrance and it diffuses light, butterflies and nature. I think it is fabulous. lauriex

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words.
    You lovely words of encorigement will keep me going. Cheers, Tolleck xx

  3. Do continue. it is for the best of humanity from an artist to another !
    as a reference, here is my web site:
    and for those in business : do check me out for all your language needs !
    thanks a million Tolleck, lauriex