Wednesday, 10 June 2009

'Full Moon' by Tolleck Winner

Technically, the hardest piece of sculpture I had to cast. As I've used a variety of material in these piece; Aluminum cast with bronze, brass, copper and granite. I had several challenges making these piece due to the different mixer of material as the cooling process of each material is a different temperatures and the number one enemy in casting is moisture in granite. And if the moisture is not taken out; 1000C heat and moisture create a mini volcano bringing up all the heated metal up in to the air, 50 feet up dropping it onto the heads of people who poring it. So the granite had to be heated to a very hire temperature before placing onto a sand mould and also heating all other metal's before dropping them into the mould, then finally poring the Aluminum into sand mould with all the ingredients. The middle part was cut separately after the casting and finally blasted, then polished. The end results speaks for itself.

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  1. Hi Tolleck - not bad!
    Best wishes from Hamburg